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Benefits/Membership Plan


$25 per year


$50 per year


$150 per year


$100 per year
Eligible to become an accreditted examiner for the College
Represent COPECSA in Government as an advocate on key issues of importance to the specialty
Opportunities to influence the development of standards of professional training and practice
Opportunity to get involved in the governance of the College by standing College Honorary Officer positions.
Can use post-nominals awarded by the College- FCPath(ECSA)
Can be a member on Joint Committees with other professional organizations
Provide advice to national advisory panels on quality assurance
Provide guidance on consent and ethics with matters related to pathology specialties
Providing guidance and assistance with workforce planning, workload management and other issues
Advice on professional standards, appraisal & revalidation
Access to educational resources, publications and online journals to help you stay current with advances in Pathology & Laboratory medicine
Access to development grants
Be involved in the development of Best Practice Guidelines and use of Diagnostic Tests
Eligible for discounts on registration fees for the College's scientific meetings
Eligible for reduced membership rates
Opportunities to serve as a College representative in local, national and international meetings
Professional enrichment through volunteer opportunities and worldwide peer recognition, the FCPath (ECSA) distinction.
Recognition of qualificiations across the East, Central & Southern Africa Region
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  • In a recognised undergraduate medical school/ degree
  • pay an annual subscription of $ 25.00
  • Undergraduate medical degree/ qualification or
  • Is in (or has completed) a postgraduate specialty pathology training programme/ residency programme.
  • Is intending to sit the FCPath (ECSA) Examinations.
  • pay an annual subscription of $ 50.00
  • A medical or Dental Practitioner and/or a Scientist
  • has attained a recognized a postgraduate qualification in a pathology and or laboratory medicine training programme
  • can sit for the FCPath (ECSA) Examinations.
  • Nominated by fellows of the college
  • application fee of $100.00 (non-refundable fee)
  • pay an annual subscription of $ 150.00
  • Uner graduate medical degree and
  • Has completed Postgraduate speciality Pathology Training programme/ qualification
  • Must be a practising consultant Pathologist
  • Has sat and passed the Fcpath (ECSA) Examination
  • Nominated by fellows of the college
  • application fee of $100.00 (non-refundable fee)
  • pay an annual subscription of $ 100.00